Don’t panic

June 13, 2012 § Leave a comment

A few events led to this among them is the fact that I am turning thirty this summer. Thirty, a hurdle people told to me cross when I reached it. I had a plan, you know. To have certain things accomplished before I turned thirty; respectable salary, a family of my own, at least one child…I have reached the hurdle now and the panic is starting to set in as I have not really ticked off all the boxes. My plans unlayered a universe of sub-plans that kept popping up and distracting me, eventually taking me off track completely.

I have not yet decided what shape this medium of expression will take but I will be content if it fulfills it’s fictitious purpose of keeping the panic away. This is my pre-30 time capsule. I will populate this white hole with my thoughts and observations of the beautiful, the kind and the inspiring hoping to give you something to take away with you as I have on so many occasions done reading other people’s words. I think I can safely say you will get to read some  not so nice things as well. I believe the only way for this to work is if I share all and tell the truth. My truth if it comes to that. Let’s just see where it takes us, shall we?

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