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I go through phases of acute desire to go and obtain a bike, any bike, and start cycling around London.

I can safely say 99.9% this desire is funded by my wish to get fitter and also spend less time on trains hence save money, however, I can also safely say the reason stopping me are equally as immature (excuses, excuses):

  1. I live far from work and it would take me around an hour+ to cycle each way (doing a 26 mile roundtrip each day might be slightly too much for someone who has not cycled for years).
  2. I’d have to cycle down London roads. No, I do not drive.
  3. I probably would not have much time to use the bike over the weekends which are so packed that we are lucky to sit down and put our feet up from all the running around doing family things.

If, oh if I were to get a bike (provided my finances were not limiting me), I am not sure how I would choose between:


Sigh….Knowing it would help if I could get the bike on the train as required, it is easy to say which one I would go for. But the latter one…hm…and there are more to drool for!

As the finances are indeed limiting me I have resorted to exploring an option of taking a Boris bike.

The system is pretty simple, if one becomes a member, one is free to take a bike for £1 access fee per 24 hours with a usage charge starting at free (up to 30mins rides, it would take me less than that to get to work) going up to £1 for up to an hour long rides and £50 for 24 hour usage. Now all  I need to do is get my rock chick friend to teach me how to stay alive on London roads.

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