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A hotel next-door to our office has invited company employees for some canapés, drinks and lifestyle advise. We turned up early, I was starving, dying for a loo and in need of a glass of champagne.

30 mins later sitting away happily (all basic needs met) I realized the buffet they prepared for us had no sign of vegetables, see for yourself:

  •  Deep fried battered king prawns
  • Chicken fajitas
  • Vegetable fajitas (fine, a dish for vegetarians)
  • Hummus and pita bread
  • Sushi, sashimi, California rolls, etc
  • Deep fried battered fish chunks
  • Skinny chips ( really?!)
  • Chicken skewers
  • Dessert

Now, the only piece of vegetable I was able to lay my eyes on and eat were (drum roll) the honourable paprika! In all three colours:


And yes, it’s a five star place we are talking about.

And yes, I had almost every little piece I was able to find.

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