Rocking Chair

June 25, 2012 § Leave a comment

I bought a chair. An old wooden chair. An old wooden rocking chair that squeaks a little, just a little, not enough to hurt the heart. It found its less-than-enough place in the corner of the bedroom for now.

– Our future home will be full of beautiful things before we even have a home, – family senior says.

Family junior sits in the chair. Rocking away, rocking gently. Does homework, draws, watches Puss in Boots in the chair. Tries to force Fruit to sleep on it too. I look at it and wonder, how big and wide it is, how lovely the wood is, how old and tired it looks. And how smell-less I find it, free from its past. How welcome it seems waiting empty in the corner, drawing in and comforting in it’s age.

I have a plan to sand it down, re-paint or re-varnish it in August. It shall have to wait for it’s make over. And then it will be really ours, counting our minutes and our years through the steps of the people approaching it.


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