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peggy sirota

I finished reading the Twilight series. Probably not the best book(s) to start filling up my Books category, hey? I honestly thought it will take me longer to read, but I got through all 4 books in what? Less than a month or two months? Considering I only have time to read on my train journey to and from work (25 mins each way), not bad at all. Well, lies little liar me, I did read in the evenings and on weekends because, darn books, they are quite addictive.

The thing I find most puzzling is that having eaten these books up and having enjoyed each one of them immensely, I can also say that they are probably the worst books I have ever read (in terms of writing quality and vocabulary used).

I won’t deny the fact that I was glued to them, literally, I could not put the books down, I can see how teenage girls might get obsessed with the repetitive nature of Meyer’s writing. Edward’s divine beauty and Bella’s human clumsiness, well, any infatuated teen can easily relate to that. Also, that passionate yet passive (platonic for others) kind of love, that obsessive all encompassing electric shock of a feeling that knocks you off your feet, I found great pleasure in reading about it in 1000+pages through my déjà vu glasses. And the kindness, the uncompromising moral values and emphasis on all the things that are good, simple, beautiful and genuine (notice I am not using synonyms deliberately, using the simple words me) do leave something behind; something we take for granted in our woke-up-got-dressed-had-coffee shitcluster of a world and that something is a realization that all of this beauty is indeed around us, the magic, the power to live comes from within and leaves a residue of light as it spreads. It’s a cup of positive, I say, which did leave a very good impression on my cynical self.

Now the worst parts..

I chuckled every time ‘cold as marble’, ‘russet skin’, ‘sparkling’, ‘chagrin’, ‘throat’ and other ceaselessly repeated words would jump at me off the page. Today I found out I am not alone in this joke, the web is full of people asking how many times did the author actually use the word ‘cold’ or ‘perfect’…ha-ha too many to count it turns out.

All in all, I do hope the books continue, I would let family junior read them when time comes. And I would recommend any self-pitying cynic to read them as a way of remedying their attititude, too. There will never be too much of love in the world.

(Reading the Lacuna at the moment, my personal jezuli, was it a relief to start reading something of actual value, or what!)

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  • jocelynr says:

    GASP! dissing the Twilight?!
    Although i agree with your comments about Meyer using simple language and the same vocabulary ad nauseum, I rather liked the simplicity of the books. It is, really, the ‘original story’ in many respects: Love and Perfection, evil seeking to destroy it. People caught in the middle.

    Loving your book/movie reviews as i go further back. Horray for having another person i know talking intelligently about literature!

    • biblepanic says:

      Nooo, not dissing it lol. I did read them! All four! It’s addictive, I could not put them down.
      Ah I read so many good books recently, I wish I started this earlier, to just keep track of all the titles, I forget them after a week.

      By the way, I read 50 Shades of Grey was written by the Twilight obsessive :S (Mr Grey and his copper dishevelled hair, reminds you of anyone?!). Have you got it hidden in one of your drawers?

  • jocelynr says:

    No. i havent read that one. Thanks for the recommendation! 🙂

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