July 2, 2012 § Leave a comment

Nothing much to report, the weekend was too eventful.

Had landlady come over to check an empty studio flat in our house, had two of her lovely girls scream and shout on the stairs,  laughed out loud scrubbing the kitchen floor on my knees – the upstairs neighbour must have taken his earplugs out. Or maybe not, he seems like a gentle kind of a guy (let’s not get into his cleaning habits or the lack of them, which I must cover in the future).

Family senior and junior took off to Forty Hall to the opening of their new building. They found my returned glasses when they came home. Tried the glasses on, rejoiced at having them fit perfectly after 4-5 lense changes.

Landlady offered to take the girls to the park. Had a quiet lunch with family senior – what a bliss. Had turkey, salad, César dressing, had ice cream with juicy strawberries for pudding. Had way too little water to drink. Played with Fruit in the garden, read a page of Lacuna.

Did something else which I have no recollection off, watched a little bit of Forrest Gump slumped on the sofa, took a shower, listened to family senior talk to a friend on the telephone, held Fruit in my lap at the same time. Said night night and took off to bed. Slept like a log.

Sunday. We all got ready and left for the summer fete. Watched the opening ceremony. Cried to the rhythm of Sing. Had wine at just after 11, had amazing Greek meatballs with mint yoghurt for break-lunch. Family senior had Pimm’s. It tasted divine. Watched family junior jump on the bouncy castle for 10mins twice. Had my wine. Walked around admiring the plants, bumped into the Neighbour, discussed our dirty upstairs tenant and his plant growing habits (strawberries in the parking lot, really?), watched junior skipping, watched junior pick a medal instead of a trophy for a prize, got bubbles for junior, watched her ecstatic face as she blew them.

Had more Greek meatballs, looked for a wc, did not find one, walked back home, stopped by to get more change, used McD loos to avoid waking up Fruit. Walked back to school, took junior to get her face painted, waited for 2 mins for junior to change her mind, walked back to the wine & beer stall to pick up family senior. Played  mini golf, cheered as if junior was winning the world cup. Went home, had half a pizza for lunch. Sat down on the bed.

Laid down on the bed. Fell asleep. Woke up 2.5 hours later smelling freshly baked cookies, feeling warm, happy, at peace.

Did laundry, tidied up the dishes, had some mint tea, checked emails, went upstairs to clean the empty flat.

Picked my clothes for today, laughed at junior playing building crazy soap statues in the bathroom, told junior off for using up all crazy soap. Talked to family senior. Talked more. Decided to go to bed. Woke up tired.

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