Panic and love

August 12, 2012 § 4 Comments

I have neglected my panic. Even though I am on my own for the last couple of weeks (3 weeks now maybe?) I seem to have even less time to do things that I class as luxury ‘me’ activities. Somehow the garden, the wardrobes, the shoe cabinets, the books and the toys, the fridge and the store-room demand immediate attention leaving my shrinking minute soul on hold, unwritten posts pending.

I have two books (Out of Africa and The Hunger Games) and two films (The Girl with a Dragon Tattoo and The Woman in the Fifth) to write about, as well as my first ever Baby Bump party which I have had pleasure to attend today. I particularly desire to write something about the latter, the couples I saw at the party and their varied ways of showing affection in ways which leaves a stranger in awe, admiring the unspoken but visible love.

Who knows when i will finally have time to do that. And if the immediate memory will not evaporate from my pathetic brain. I must admit, I miss my laptop and i have to say I moved it to the top of my mental list of things I desperately need back in my life. Somehow typing long posts on an iPad is just not the same 😦


§ 4 Responses to Panic and love

  • jocelynr says:

    Boooooo!! to ipads!
    Where is your laptop?
    why are you by yourself for so long?
    You know, one of the things i’ve learned in my exhaustive (only in that it’s exhausting to me) research on writing and writers, is that you must schedule in time for writing. Schedule it in and keep the appointment. No matter what else the world (or yourself) tells you to prioritize ahead of it. It seems distraction and procrastination is a writer’s problem across the board. Fight back. It’s only for your immediate and long-term benefit. (i’m also writing to myself here. ha)

    I am very interested in your writeup of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, i’ve tried a few times to read that book with no success. argh. have you read it?

    • biblepanic says:

      Hiya, laptop died a few months ago. Well, it does work, but probably half of the keys on the keyboard would not work. I cannot reinstall Windows for that reason, somehow all the keys i need to hit, won’t work.
      The girls leave for Lithuania as soon as school ends, last summer they were gone for 7 weeks. 5 weeks this summer, I then join them in the end of August. B runs around bare foot in the country side eating berries and home grown veg all day long, swimming in the sea five times a day, playing with kids outside all day long, we decided this is way better than a summer in London. Won’t be as lucky next year, I don’t think, E will start work soon. All you say about writing is very very true, you and I just have to make time to do it. You write really well.
      No, have not read the book, but watched the English? American? film, loooooved it. Did not want it to end for some reason.

  • twictor says:

    Dear Julia,

    I’m home for 4 weeks and let me tell you, all the things I will do have turned into I haven’t dones … Yet, I am ever so happy to feel the time lapsed in my hands of stillness (if that could be used when speaking of never-stopping time machine!). I believe, it is acceptable. As if one was to gather twigs around you in order to get comfortable in your own nest before fully enjoyed the feel of home, for some bizarre reason that feeling grips your shoulders when you say: no, the time has gone too fast… I have not done enough.. :-))))))

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