Three Sisters

October 29, 2012 § 2 Comments

Three Sisters

The Three Sisters

A naughty screen grab from Three Sisters trailer, the play currently on at London’s Young Vic theatre. If by any chance you have time to go and see Benedict Andrew’s version of Anton Chekhov’s play, I beg you, please do so. Not so long ago, family senior has taken me on our first theatre date in ages and we saw an impressive production of Gross und Klein starring Cate Blanchett at the London’s Barbican. We left the theatre in awe that time. The feeling was replicated this time leaving the Young Vic. It transpires that our fascination with both productions is no coincidence as Benedict Andrews directed both plays.

I cannot recall if I read the Three Sisters at school, I must have? This is a play that will speak volumes to any young woman craving the adrenaline rush of life, the life in a big city, love which will knock her off her feet and pick her up in the days of darkness. But I feel it is the madness, the madness of this whole situation of the three sisters having seen the big life but left to live in the village and their inability to adapt to this new life, which shouts loudest and permeates my being as I inhale the cigarette smoke and the beats of Nirvana’s Teen Spirit. It is the not-so-literal insanity at the centre of each young woman’s life, that leads her to not lose hope and trust at the beginning of her life, and accept the death of her desires, the limits of her times at the end of it. And it is that which is so recognisable and familiar. Perhaps only by being slightly mad, can one move through the fires, the losses, the sleepless nights? And perhaps that will not ever change much for a woman?

The intensity starring at us through Masha’s, Irina’s and Olga’s eyes is not for the weak. It will mean most to the heartbroken I dare say. It is the lost, that are hardest to find as are the three sisters, lost and tangled in their desires and dreams of the big life, which are hardest to place in any practical material setting. Life seems redundant, tragic with the three young women walking through it, sampling it.

The proximity to the stage from which the leading characters leap on and off, the smell of earth on the Baron’s boots, red label Malboroughs and the women..strong, vulnerable, beautiful, women who see, women who dream, women who are so loveable will remain with you for weeks to come. Go watch and tell me what you think.

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