January so far

January 18, 2013 § 4 Comments

Peoples, it is January 2013 and this year is looking to be much better and nicer than 2012 was. We started this year very eventfully, thank you very much. I will begin with Christmas, even though it does not really qualify as a 2013 event, but still: we spent Christmas at home, with the family, two amazing shows we were able to go to: Matilda the Musical and The Wind in the Willows at the ROH. Highly recommend both to anyone who is in London at the moment.  Junior is a little older now and is much easier to handle in public.  We were even able to walk around shiny/evening London, all three of us, result!

Due to the generosity of our amazing friends, we have also had two dates (one tomorrow) which is (laugh if you cannot help it) more than we had in the last six months probably: The Constellations and Onegin at ROH tomorrow. Ah, life is good! Life in London with no immediate family nearby is a bit of a nightmare and I cannot thank our friends enough for being so wonderful and looking after family junior when we are having fun in town.

What else has happened in January? Well, family senior started working permanently, which is amazing news to us (things we are dreaming about now include mac books,  a car and MORE dates, a few holidays would be nice too). We are very bad materialistic people, you knows. No, jokes aside, I will finally be able to afford a new laptop and as Apple are so lovely (NOT), they offer financial help so I might just as well go and get one of their wonderful pro books for a £100 per month. We shall see, we will stop by the store tomorrow on our way to ROH. It does not hurt to look.

I have finished reading When God Was a Rabbit now (a big thank you to a virtual friend who became a real life one) and I wish I had time to write something amazing about this book because it really was that. Amazing. It made me laugh out loud on my train in to work and it made me cry when I least expected it. I can safely say that the voice of the protagonist is probably the most well mastered voice I have encountered in a novel (first novel too!), the author did a grand job portraying the thoughts and impressions of a young girl, a teenage girl and a young adult. highly recommend to anyone looking for a slightly different book to read.

I have started reading the Life of Pi (on my wonderful new Kindle), more about that later, so far so good, it reads like a book for teens, but I think it is THAT, no? Young adult section?

We have also taken Fruit to the vet who has told us (in his own fcked up words) that we are being very irresponsible parents (owners) for not neutering her and allowing her to potentially have babies in the future (she is a year old and there are plenty of obese male cats in the area, the word obese is key here – all sterilised, you see). He stepped on our conscience so hard that all I can think of now is us taking poor little Fruit to have her reproductive organs taken out.

What else has happened recently. Well, as we are both working full-time, we had to find a good and reliable person to take junior to school every morning and bring her back safely in the afternoons. We interviewed two ladies for the position. I will do my best to write about this in more detail later. A lot of lessons learned.

I think that kind of sums it all up. 18 days of bliss. I shall hope the rest of the year will be as eventful.

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§ 4 Responses to January so far

  • Lily says:

    Your January sounds fun! I always disliked January because it’s so gloomy out and there’s nothing to look forward to. How do you like the Kindle? I think I like holding books and turning pages too much to get one, but if you’re a fast reader, they probably come in very handy!

    Thanks for following my blog–you have a very nice one here!

  • biblepanic says:

    Lily, you are my first ever commentator who does not know me personally, ha! Like that. I like it, i am new to it, but i like it. I had the same reservations about it you mention (pages, thickness of the book), but i find the Kindle very convenient to read on a crowded train (when you cannot move your arms to flick the pages). This January was way too fun. The realist in me is expecting some kind of a downer, like death or something.

    • jocelynr says:

      “The realist in me is expecting some kind of a downer, like death or something.”
      Bahahaha! that was so unexpected that i laughed out loud. sorry. But i know what you mean. When we experience a long period of blissful goodness-filled days I also wonder if we’re the calf being fattened for the slaughter. But then again, it also helps to remember that these times come, go, and then come again so, that’s hopeful.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hehe true. I will try to enjoy this while it lasts 😀 the last couple of years were very hard for us. I just have to pause and tell myself i deserve this. Even if it doesn’t lasts long.

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