Cafe de Flore

April 11, 2013 § Leave a comment

cade de flore


A couple more days of freedom left and I am finally catching up with all the things that require doing. Books, films, life left undocumented will eventually appear here because I now have a new toy and am no longer tied to an office PC.

So first, Cafe de Flore: a film I was dying to watch for a few months and I did yesterday, and I liked it and yet today sitting here typing this up I struggle to name what exactly I liked about it. ‘Liked’ – such a look warm, emotionless word fits this film perfectly. I expected to cry and even looked forward to a cathartic and honest session of bawling under the logic that by clearing my tear ducts and my heart, I might clear my sinuses as well! Sadly tears failed me, not even one little tear, not even a sickly feeling in my stomach and yet I liked it and think you should watch it and then tell me what your honest opinion is.

It started off very well, an intriguing beginning, impressive and very believable acting skills from Vanessa Paradis, the story itself was touching, the actors were good, and it actually had me hooked – I waited to find out what happens next and what it all really means and then it happened….and I am not sure why but that is exactly why I thought the film was great yesterday and why today, I think, it’s lacking. I know that after a week or a month, I will not remember it much which is a sad thought as it is in fact a very good film. I suppose that just proves that sometimes, certain work of art, simply has to be seen twice. A day as a day was yesterday, and a day as it is today, the me 24 hours later re-winds it over and over again and even though strong and thought-provoking, it’s is not a masterpiece but certainly worth spending the time to watch and write about it here today.

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