Wine Tasting

April 11, 2013 § 2 Comments

Best night for an wine lover alcoholic? Wine tasting! A little while ago an offer came up on Groupon offering a 12 bottle wine tasting session with Pieroth. Buy it, book it, drink it – the offer was actually a present for a friend to say thank you for looking after junior, but was I happy to receive an invite to participate in the actual wine tasting and last night was the night.

We got all the snacks they recommended, got my friend’s flatmates to keep the night free and waited for the Man to arrive. He was on time and he had the wines. We knew we are getting a complimentary bottle of red and it was yummy:

fbbb7cb57ccb2f5792fa9e71b3c439d52244e2f3_300x300But it is the whites that I got really excited about and seeing that we were actually allowed to swallow (yes!), we were giggling half-way through. Not all fairy tales have a happy ending however, the Man knew nothing about wines and we all agreed we did not learn anything new about Pieroth wines (360 year old vineyard owner brand? With vineyards all over the world, signature wines coming from Germany) and his attitude (‘oh these are not going to spend £££ today’) totally ruined it for me. He did not talk colour, bouquet, intensity and body to us, not even a mention of those words!  Considering all that, I must admit, their German white (Muller smth smth smth smth) was exceptionally good. If you love wines, I genuinely recommend a night of wine tasting, get a friend who knows shitload about wines, it would be even more fun if you end up with someone like our Man! (NB: you have to buy right there and then, no sales are done online, minimum order – a case of 12, all wines couriered from the country of origin).

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§ 2 Responses to Wine Tasting

  • ! We did a “blind “wine tasting ..we bought a range of 12 bottles of wine cheap to expensive to see who could tell the difference was fun BUT you have to get like 4 hosts because it can get spendy 🙂

    • biblepanic says:

      That’s a good idea! during our one i actually said (after tasting a red that i thought was really really difficult to swallow): is this the most expensive one? that would be a fun night to have, I agree.

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