To Cambridge and Back

May 9, 2013 § Leave a comment

A quiet walk

A quiet walk

These last few days have been too busy with everything. To the point where I became angry at myself for forgetting that feeling I returned to London with and gave in to pleasing people I should not even think about. Before I left, I overheard a colleague who was on the phone to her Indian team member answer the question of ‘what is the occasion for this bank holiday?’ with a simple: there’s no occasion, we are just having a day off. Heart bank holidays. We set off early on Sunday and were back in London on Monday at just after 6PM. A day and half of bliss:

Strong breakfast coffee, overpriced yet yummy snacks, crowded carriages, shitty old windows not letting any air in, delicious sandwiches, the sun, the sun, the sun…!…a swim in the pool, time in the steam room, time in the sauna, time in the boiling hot jacuzzi, time in the ice-cold pit, back to the pool, back to the sauna, play with the kids, watch junior choke on the pool water in ecstasy, not half bad skin on fries and the beer, and the company, and the peace, a sleepless night, but a glorious morning, a walk in the quiet, a walk in the heart, through the memories, dreams, through desires, a dead little bird and an even tastier coffee, corridors of toys and a few quiet laughs, a mountain of meat and a fantastic BBQ with friends.

The train back was half empty and we sat in the rays of light watching junior play and draw and solve puzzles and it was more than good, it was perfect and this perfect stayed with me until the early hours of Tuesday morning when it was all erased,; the feeling became much less than a dream.



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