Cosmos and Drawings on Fabric

May 20, 2013 § Leave a comment

Quite randomly really I came across a girl called Cosmos who does wonders with fabric paint. wrote about her in their weekly recommendations section which I came across while searching the web:


Next came Facebook and her page with some seriously awesome work:


Two months down the line I have my jumpers pimped by Cosmos sent back to me from Lithuania and I want more! T-shirts, vans, caps, vests, jumpers – any natural fabric can be adorned by any drawing/image of your choosing:

cosmos work

She is an imitation artist – she does not really draw, she takes what you give her and transfers it to fabric and the results, well you can see them yourself, are unbelievable. I have asked her if she would draw some foxes for me, but she politely suggested sending the finished work of art which she will then transfer to my item. She will listen to all of your requirements, suggest the colours that will work better and if you are uncertain, might even offer help in deciding which drawing to go with based on the size and quality of your fabric/area. I went with two jumpers to try it all out and see if this really wears well and is worth the effort. So far so good, I am mega excited having seeing one of junior’s drawings transferred to my pink jumper:

verkianti mergaite

vm jumper did

Pretty neat!

Now the logistics: 

I am lucky to have friends both here and in LT who have really really helped me – I bought the jumpers and sent them to LT via the delivery guy I know, a friend from Kaunas posted the parcel to Cosmos in Vilnius. Cosmos did her magic and sent it back to London via my friend in Kaunas. I was in no rush so I have no idea how long it took to do it’s round trip but not long. And the price? Postage there and back and payment for her work, 2 jumpers – all in – £40.

Did I mention good friends? Payment is in Litas only, no Paypal option and as I do not have a Lithuanian bank account, you’d need someone to be able to transfer the money locally and take the sterling off you.

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