Walks: Central London Outdoor Group

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I dislike gyms with passion and I am not sure what I dislike most about them: the fact it magnifies every flaw I see in my body in front of spectators (the lack of flexibility being my main concern) or the fact that I will involuntarily end up getting in contact with other people’s bodily fluids and skin particles. I gag at the smell of gym equipment even if the people walking the floor smell fresh and clean. Having said that, I am not getting any younger and my body is telling me it is perhaps time to move a little bit more than the sad 30 mins of walking I do per day. To find an activity that I would love participating in which would benefit my health, I’ve written up a mental list of things I enjoy most in life and walking was one of them – I love a good walk, a long, tiring walk, yes, thank you please. And as with all things in life, once you establish what you want (or need) a way of getting it pops down your lap.

CLOG walking

CLOG walking

The Central London Outdoor Group (CLOG) was recommended to me by a friend and the great thing about them is that they invite people to partake in three walks before having to sign up and paying the membership fee which is rather symbolic  (£30 per annum). The walks range from short 5 Km walks to overnight walks in the mountains with no obligation whatsoever to walk more than one feels like. My ultimate goal of course is visit Snowdonia and other wonders of the United Kingdom such as the Lake District below:

Lake District walk

Lake District walk




I feel childlike excitement stirring in the bottom of my stomach – I might be going on my first walk this very Sunday! I bought a pair of waterproof walking boots yesterday which felt like buying a luxury item, an item I do not really need but which made me giddy with happiness. Look at me, I even write like a child! I need to break them in though so I am planning on wearing them for a few minutes a day hoping that will do before the walk on Sunday (LOL yes LOL). OK so it’s not Snowdonia, but a walk nonetheless:

loop walk

London Loop Section 24 (Rainham to Purfleet), 9KM in total. All I need now is to hear from the lady who is organising this walk if it is still happening this Sunday and off we go.


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