Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

June 7, 2013 § Leave a comment

“I have a meanness inside me, real as an organ. Slit me at my belly and it might slide out, meaty and dark, drop on the floor so you could stomp on it.”

Dark Places

Dark Places

A seven-year old girl, Libby Day, is the only survivor of a Kinnakee, Kansas massacre in 1980s when America was haunted by the Satanic Cult Hysteria. Libby survives the brutal killing of her family (mum and two older sisters) by her 15 year old brother Ben in some sick Satanic ritual. 24 years later, Libby, the only living Day is short for cash and  decides to earn her living by getting involved with an underground crime-solvers group called the Kill Club who are fascinated by the Day crime and are convinced that the then teenager, Ben Day, did not kill anyone. The group want to pay Libby to speak to the people from her past – the broke loser fuck wit of a father who abused them as children and hurt their mother for years, Ben’s secret girlfriend and others. 

This would typically be enough to put me off reading a book like the Dark Places by Gillian Flynn – a movie, oh yes, but not a book choice I would consciously make and yet here I am reviewing it which means I have read and read it like I was parched and it was the last drop of water on a dirty mouldy glass. The book was addictive to say the least. What drew me into it was the language of course (that is after a friend has recommended I do not look any further, but pick this up), to read Dark Places was akin to going on a holiday to a new place, you know that feeling you get when rushing through the guide-book all so high and excited unable to contain one’s emotions bottled up neatly? – this was it, the rush! This exquisite rush through the forest of perfectly arranged words. Every word had its own place, not more or less than needed was said, not more or less was shown. Just look at this phrase:


....rearranged some throat phlegm...

….rearranged some throat phlegm…


What was not so good? The voices. They were all identical – Ben, Libby, Patty, Diondra, Runner, they all spoke one voice which was disappointing but not off-putting or distracting. I cannot wait to read Sharp Objects and Gone Girl next!


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