Bossypants by Tina Fey, what a laugh

July 21, 2013 § Leave a comment

bossypantsjpg-e0b5daa68cf6ca6fYou know that book you’d recommend to just about anybody? Bossypants was that to me – young or old, tired or successful, single or in a relationship, childless, hungry, poor or loaded, you must read it especially if you are a homophobe. Yes, I still find it amazing how many backwards people there are in the world who think being gay is anything but normal and reading this reminded me of how amazing all people are, which is a massive admission for a people-hater.

If you are up for a good strong lung pumping laugh, you must pick this up even if you know nothing about Tina Fey or her work at Saturday Night Night and other films, shows she has produced. I found myself laughing or giggling all the way through this with the only negative being my lack of knowledge of American TV shows and missing a number of references. Also, not a book that lends well to an electronic format – the real life pictures which were clearly in the book were not on the electronic copy.

I can see myself rereading this after a few years to get that good, honest, tear inducing laughter you get when you read something as honest and real as this book.


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