no to geeks and no to geek love

August 15, 2013 § Leave a comment

Geek Love

Geek Love

Geek Love: finished

The word ‘geek’ will never again sound the same. Geek, as in a freak show performer, typically a person who would bite off the heads of living chickens in front of an audience. I was hesitant to continue reading this book having almost vomited when I started it. I spent a few hours on goodreads going through hundreds of people’s reviews and was perplexed to see the majority said they loved it, read it more than once and recommended it to friends and family!

Surely there is something wrong with people if they ‘love’ reading about physical deformities, mutilation, self inflicted pain, mass crowd control?! The book is about a family of carnival performers who travel around America with everything they own packed away in containers and cars; they are the circus, they live in a circus. Nothing out of the ordinary here, you say. So let me introduce you to the family: Aloysius and Crystal Lil decide to breed their own freak show to never be out of work so start experimenting with drugs, radioactive substances, poison every time Lil is pregnant so that each and every child that survives the birth is ‘special’, i.e. as deformed as possible.

They end up with Arty who has flippers for hands and legs, Siamese twins who are beautiful, sing and play the piano really well, a hunchbacked albino dwarf who is telling the story and Fortunato, the normal looking angelic boy who turns out to have telekinetic powers after the parents decide to get rid of him (too normal looking, you see). A number of non-surviving kids end up sealed in jars and exhibited with a note saying ‘born to normal parents’.


The book is really well written, I think that is what convinced me to give it a go, and of course I was curious to see why all these people loved it. I cannot say I did, I would not recommend it to anyone either, but it is worth reading if you think people are normal. The most normal looking ones are probably the most twisted ones. It’s also packed with shocking story lines and characters so I will not give too much away in case you decide to read it. I personally found it disgusting, revolting, ugly, depressing, hopeless, nauseating, annoying, and shocking. And yet I read it. I am taking away the thought that the ugliest and most disturbing disfigurement is that of the heart – megalomania, ego, self love, selfishness. Starting them in the face is what this book made me do.


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