A short month of culture this August was

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The Cripple of Innishman

Heart warming and funny, visually tempting. Magnificent characters each and every one of them. If it were possible to fit ‘what life is all about’ in a 2.5 hour play, the Criple of Innishman would be a very strong contender: thought-provoking and truthful, real and honest, brutal and at times too close to home with the jokes, the teasing, the beatings. Somehow the playwrite pulled it off with the help or brilliant actors nonetheless: it leaves an imprint in you without depressing too much.


Sweet Bird of Youth

sweet bird

Next, Sweet Bird of Youth with the gorgeous Kim Cattrall

Confession: I have not read Tennessee Williams’ tragic play and even though I had a tiny inkling the play might have been done on stage before, I did not realise it was that big. I have to find the film and watch it too, note to self.

No need to say Kim Cattrall was mesmerising and my eyes were on her all night, the actor-boy walking around the stage half-naked was an empty space next to her. A good enough actor to pull it off (I am so vain, I love myself so much but wait, does she love me, I am so handsome, but I have done these horrible things..let me put my fingers through my hair once again then), yet something was lacking – some weight, inner weight, Something you acquire with time – experience, wisdom, none of that was showing through the cracks.

The character was just so unsympathetic that I should probably give credit to the actor for making Chance seem unattractive. However I feel like that was not intended and that he, as this supposedly gorgeous gigolo, had to appeal to everyone in the audience but to me he seemed pathetic and useless, not the tragic hero he was meant to come across as. I feel like we were meant to see there was more to him and his broken heart.

The chemistry between the two main characters was missing, in my opinion even though both of them did their job very well. It could have been better but having said ALL of that, I LOVED IT and would go and watch it again tomorrow!

And finally, Prom 44: Stravinsky, Penderecki, Debussy & Ravel

What can I say – beauty all around me. Music is god.


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