Watching love in Rust and Bone

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Beautiful hopelessness is a phrase that sprung to mind as I was watching Rust and Bone. Raw, bare, fragile, life at it’s ugliest with characters so unsympathetic and real that I did wonder for a moment if I knew them. And then you fall in love with them, with their wounds and their weaknesses and their damaged selves. You fall in love with the love they feel. I caught myself on a number of occasions wondering what I would do if hunger or death was starting at my face, would I have the strength in me to reinvent my life, my dreams? To love again?

I struggle to pick the right words to describe the emotions I felt watching Rust and Bone – Despair? Disgust? Admiration? Fear? Notice the outweighing negative adjectives and yet the film itself was pleasant and cathartic, not for a moment did I wonder ‘how much more to go’. And I think, it is love, it is love that does it – despite the damp and bloody environment, despite the pain and the loss, the horrid father and son relationship, its there, tangible. And you really cannot take your eyes off it. I was so impressed by the film that I would take away the Palme d’Or from Amour to give it to Rust and Bone. I would.



Jagten (The Hunt)

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A movie that steps right onto your core, there where the spine becomes the highway, and slowly rearranges everything you were made of taking deliberate, calculated, pressing steps. Take your time, the pleasure is yours.


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Michael Haneke's Amour

Michael Haneke’s Amour

I read on IMDB that ‘One constant bit of direction that director Michael Haneke gave to the cast was to avoid sentimentality at all costs’. And it was not sentimental, quite the opposite really, it did not prompt feelings of tenderness or nostalgia, no, it left me wondering if this was really love –  this raw being yourself act? No one double guessing, no one moralising, just two people being who they are at all times (mean, pushy, kind, patient), what they really are as these two feeling creatures every minute of the hour.

I find myself searching for answers to what this…word..or act..or abyss of love is and if ever I get closer to it, it screams at me that it has nothing to do with the people in it (the love, the in love), but instead it is the unspoken choice and the quiet determination to remain loving when all emotion has left, when the mind is lost and memories are unreliable, when bodies are crumbling. The transparency of time when watching Amour is terrifying, it stabs you at your eyes and with its cruel jaws rips the flesh of your ribcage aiming at your heart – watch this, see this, this is the feeling, this is what you lived for, you and your body will go before it does. This is what remains when the temporary goes and there is no one to watch you or the honesty of your acts, and yet that is still strong within you. It has to be love…for what else would survive the horror of time.

Upsetting and heavy, yet pure and true, highly recommend.

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