Gather Thy Fruit or Parkside ‘Pick Your Own’ Farm

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A mini-walk (that is not really) to Parkside PYO farm was a great success. I reckon it qualifies for a walk because we walked a total of around 3 miles in a 30C degree heat with a six-year-old in tow. Parkside farm is a short train ride away from home (3 stops on the northbound First Capital Connect service) and reachable via quiet and picturesque roads of Gordon Hill.


Having lived in London for more than 9 years now, this is the first time I have heard of a PYO farm in the vicinity and so here I am spreading the joy and the news in case you are as ignorant as I was: yes, there is a farm you can easily visit to pick your own crop in North London.

The only negatives? Two:

1. No apple trees on the farm and the nearest one to us is way outside London as my 5 min Google search confirmed.

2. It’s pricey if you decide to stock up on berries for jam making purposes.

table-top strawberries

table-top strawberries


goal: strawberries

goal: strawberries


courgettes: no shorter than 15cm can be picked

Next on the radar: plums!



To Cambridge and Back

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A quiet walk

A quiet walk

These last few days have been too busy with everything. To the point where I became angry at myself for forgetting that feeling I returned to London with and gave in to pleasing people I should not even think about. Before I left, I overheard a colleague who was on the phone to her Indian team member answer the question of ‘what is the occasion for this bank holiday?’ with a simple: there’s no occasion, we are just having a day off. Heart bank holidays. We set off early on Sunday and were back in London on Monday at just after 6PM. A day and half of bliss:

Strong breakfast coffee, overpriced yet yummy snacks, crowded carriages, shitty old windows not letting any air in, delicious sandwiches, the sun, the sun, the sun…!…a swim in the pool, time in the steam room, time in the sauna, time in the boiling hot jacuzzi, time in the ice-cold pit, back to the pool, back to the sauna, play with the kids, watch junior choke on the pool water in ecstasy, not half bad skin on fries and the beer, and the company, and the peace, a sleepless night, but a glorious morning, a walk in the quiet, a walk in the heart, through the memories, dreams, through desires, a dead little bird and an even tastier coffee, corridors of toys and a few quiet laughs, a mountain of meat and a fantastic BBQ with friends.

The train back was half empty and we sat in the rays of light watching junior play and draw and solve puzzles and it was more than good, it was perfect and this perfect stayed with me until the early hours of Tuesday morning when it was all erased,; the feeling became much less than a dream.



Insight School of Art

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Lady eating paper

Lady eating paper

I think the lady is actually licking the envelope to seal her letter in. I am not sure who the artist of it is but I hope they don’t mind me posting it here since I took the snap in the communal toilets.

Junior started proper art classes yesterday at the Insight School of Art in New Barnet and I am mega excited about the fact she will be spending an hour and a half each Saturday there. Just look at the 6-12 year old drawings, are they for real?! I cannot wait to see how she progresses in 12 weeks – I hear they will have an exhibition of her work at the end of the term and the parents will probably get to take all the art work home (note to self: invest in some really nice frames, OK OK she is only 6!).

The very beginning

The very beginning

Ever since she was little, she had an eye for the world – watching people, watching things around her, pausing the cartoons we played on the laptop for her to go get out a piece of paper so she could draw what she saw, so I am hoping these classes will not only inspire her to get better and work on her skills but show her all the different ways to capture the beauty around her, something I am sadly incapable of doing as I could not draw if my life depended on it. I guess my motives for wanting her to like the school are selfish: I just wish that whatever path she choses to take later in life, she does not end up sitting in an air-conditioned office staring at the monitor for 8 hours a day. And if she does, that she has the stamina and the deep enough pool of dreams to carry her through that into the days that are bright and filled with happiness.

To wrap this up, a little note on New Barnet – on the scale from 1 to 5, how dodgy would you say it is? We were offered to buy drugs while walking to Sainsbury’s having left junior at the school. Just your regular Saturday stroll up the road.

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