I want to go back to Nice…

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I do. It’s an unusual realisation considering the holiday was different to any other holiday I have taken to date, yet it happened right on time at this point in my life and it was good, and I was ‘me’ there, and it all felt.. fine. Like…life will be good in the end.

I want to go back to Nice where people jog during early hours of the morning and very late at night, where everyone is healthy and tanned, where watermelon juice is breakfast, where you can get miserable see-through (and cold!) crepes at a place advertising crepes and yet not knowing they sell them, where you get by far the tastiest coffee in the world even if served in tiny plastic take away cups not fit for ‘taking away’, where oranges grow on trees right here where you walk your walk. Where you pay 20 euros for a meal and leave hungry but happy because you see yourself telling all your friends how bad the food in Nice was. You live an adventure in Nice.


I want to go back to Nice where streets smell of piss, where people dress in cheap labels, where you can buy 3 tomatoes for 5 euros, where you will always see people queueing to buy baguettes morning, day and night, where cigarettes have their own shops and wine is incredibly cheap, to Nice! Where every dish is served with chips and waiters fight with chefs, where you get shouted at for giving up a seat on a bus, where you will not be served unless you speak French.


I want to go back to Nice because in Nice you get on a bus, pay 1.50 euro and in 30 mins end up in Eze, in the clouds, breathing in the air of gods, feeling light-headed; in Eze you see the world in front of you and realise it is fantastic, magnificent, it is breathtaking. And you are here in front of it, watching it, living it.




I want to go back to Nice because in Nice you get on a bus, pay 1.50 euro and in 40 minutes end up in Monaco. I will go back to Monaco because that is where I lost a little bit of my tired and wounded heart, in all those shades and shapes of green. The clean, manicured, gorgeous Monaco – Monte Carlo where people float off into the sea on their inflatable rings, where you can touch live sharks oh so gently, where even frozen coffee tastes simply divine, where the creation and mortals merge into one perfect atom of beauty.






I want to go back to Nice and eat plums and cheese in the park before gently stepping over sharp hot stones into the warm blue sea and drying of in the scorching sun.


Logistics (as I am bound to forget) and advice:

London Gatwick to Nice (Terminal 2) by Easyjet

1.5 hr flight

Adagio Access Nice Magnan for excellent self-contained studio flats (fridge, microwave, kettle, pots, plates, cups, swimming pool, wifi)

Airport to Nice City – 6 euro on a city bus; let’s say a 15-30 mins ride depending on whereabouts you want to hop off..

30C+ in August, 25C+ all of September, yes I have been checking

Guides: do your homework before you go, that was my mistake. I borrowed a couple of books from the library which as it turns were useless. Not quite sure why it is the case, but there is a huge lack of information on day trips to Eze Village, Monaco, Cannes and around Nice. Maybe rich people get driven around all the time? Let’s just say that if it was not for the slow but available internet and helpful hotel staff, it would have been a lot harder to figure out where and how to get from one place to another. Sadly, I had another holiday following this one and my memory is no longer as fresh as it was, I would like to write a detailed post on each of the places visited to help fellow travellers who come to the region of ridiculous beauty.


Chocolate Naive and what is not so good about it

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I know someone who knows someone who makes Chocolate Naive chocolates, drinking chocolate, figs dipped in chocolate, chocolate spread, funny tasting ice cream and I could go on. Why am I writing about this chocolate of chocolates? Well, first, I think the design of Chocolate Naive by Karolis Kosas is mind-blowing, a bit wannabe Apple, but I genuinely admire it. The chocolate maker/factory is a bean-to-bar one which basically means they do it all in-house, DYI style, all very respectable. And here comes the truth – the chocolate is actually rubbish, it tastes horrible and why is no one saying that? I say yes to the design and the branding, I say yes to the ideas, but please, guys, can we be honest here and not say something tastes great when it does not?

I am not even sure why it annoys me so much, I want to like it, I want to say oh I have tasted it and it’s divine, but it is not, so there. Done.

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